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Basset Hound Mixed Breeds

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a dog with an original, somewhat comical and memorable appearance. It is particularly popular in America, where many families get it as a family dog. Despite the external clumsiness, Basset Hound is active, agile and fun almost around the clock. In this article, we will talk about this breed, as well as basset hound mix breeds.

Basset Hound standing in the garden.

Appearance and the standard of the breed

The modern basset hound is a stunted dog with a dense body on short, massive legs. A characteristic feature of the breed is the excess skin that collects on the muzzle, neck and legs in deep folds.

The Basset Hound standard has the following characteristics:

Basset hound mix breeds have similar features, but can also vary from breed to breed. Nevertheless, it is usually very easy to guess Basset hound traits in the mix. Basset hounds have short, dense, body-fitting coats. Originally the breed was attributed exclusively to a rigid coat, but among the Basset Hounds there are many true champions with a soft barnet hair.

Basset hound mixed breeds

The basset hound has a difficult temperament. These dogs can both please and irritate their owner. The peculiarity of the Basset Hound characteristic is in the combination of an affectionate companion, loyal and friendly, with a rare stubbornness, sometimes not amenable to education. Gentleness, lack of aggression, calmness and friendliness are the main features of basset hound mixed breeds. The basset hound is a dog of willfulness and dignity. It will not hurry to carry out commands of the owner, and first think them over. The Basset Hound characteristic – a certain detachment from the owner and other members of the family. At the same time, loneliness is not acceptable for them.

Mixed basset hound breeds love to be in the company of many people, love to play with children, and can even perform the role of a babysitter. But the dog does not tolerate familiarity. With cats and other dogs in the house basset get along without problems. It is not recommended to have small rodents and birds in the house simultaneously with the Basset Hound. The instinct of the dog hunter can emerge at any time, and then they are not good. Even mixed basset hound breeds can be aggressive towards other pets because of the hunter instinct. 

The basset is always on his own mind. He is affectionate and loyal to his owner, yet independent and stubborn. The owner needs to be able to negotiate with him. Attempts to pressure on the dog will lead to the fact that he will begin to play deaf-blind and will continue to do as he originally intended. The Basset owner must be thoughtful to be able to establish a rapport with the dog. At the same time, the dog is very fond of the owner and all pets, loves to be in the center of attention, and asks to be petted. Basset security will not turn out. Meeting a stranger on the doorstep, the dog will bark a couple of times for order and then calm down. Basset won’t rush the stranger to save the master’s property, as he’s a hunter, not a guard.

Training Peculiarities

From the first months of the dog’s arrival in the house, it is necessary to begin its training. Most basset hound mix breeds learn commands quickly enough, but are not always in a hurry to perform them. Starting early training is important because puppies are more malleable. Encouraging treats will help them learn new commands. Yelling and using physical punishment will cause the dog to react negatively. It is impossible to force this breed to do anything that way. If the dog is offended, it will definitely harbor anger and take revenge at any convenient moment. Basset thinks it is beneath its dignity to bite the master, but it will chew the shoe, belonging to the offender, with great pleasure.

Teaching commands and obedience to a basset hound is not an easy task, and only a persistent and patient person can cope with it. You will have to be inventive and even cunning to find the motivation to do something. All commands must be reasonable, otherwise the willful pet will consider them useless and will not perform.

Maintenance and care

Most basset hound mix breeds are designed to live in an apartment and cannot live outside. If the owner lives in the countryside, the dog must live in the house, not on the street. A kennel or aviary is not suitable for a basset. But the dog loves to walk in the yard. Physical activity is necessary for the basset, because without it the dog quickly gains weight, which can provoke the development of diseases of the joints and spine. Walk your dog twice a day. Walks can be long, but excessive activity is not necessary for the basset. Unhurried walking can be alternated with games.

Basset hounds are not currently used as hunting dogs, but the breed has retained its working qualities. Basset, smelling an animal, gets up on the trail and begins to pursue prey, not reacting to shouts of the owner. Therefore, for walks the dog should be brought out on a leash. For walks in wet weather, you must buy special clothes. This will protect the dog from the cold, while at the same time preventing excessive hair contamination. In frosty weather, it is recommended to dress the dog in a warm coverall, since the close location of the body to the ground can lead to hypothermia and colds in the dog.

Basset hounds are contraindicated from jumping from heights and long walks on stairs. It will also cause musculoskeletal problems. The Basset Hound should have its own place in the apartment. It should not be too soft, and it should be placed in a place away from drafts. What about mixed basset hound breeds?

Basset Hound and Shar-Pei

Basset Pei. This mongrel is a descendant of the Shar-Pei and the Basset Hound. It is a very cute little animal with folded skin like a Shar-Pei, small ears and beautiful eyes. Pets with character, a little willful, independent and intelligent. They have a keen charm and are wary of strangers.

Other basset hound mixed breeds

The different basset hound mixed breeds have their own characteristics. So first you need to choose the best set of traits your dog should have. There are many great mixes, so everyone can choose the best breed for their lifestyle.

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