April 11, 2022

Boston Terrier Mixes

Boston Terrier Mixes

The Boston Terrier is an energetic, good-natured, very intelligent and loyal breed of dog, a great companion. It is hard to believe they were originally bred for dogfighting. However, the modern terrier has nothing in common with their fighting ancestors anymore. In this article, we will talk about this breed of dog and even about the boston terrier mix.

Appearance and standards 

The Boston terrier is a small, compact dog with a proportional build. The main features in the overall characteristic are: expressiveness, balance and a clear combination of white and colored markings. The sex type is expressed moderately females are more refined. The height is in proportion to the length of the body, which gives them a square format. Boston terrier mixes most often have a similar appearance.

The cranial part is square, flat between the ears, no wrinkles. The foot is well expressed, the arches of the brow are outlined. The large rounded eyes are straight and set quite wide apart, always dark in color. The ears are large and erect, and can be bunched up. The muzzle is broad and short. The wide nasal bridge is characterized by a well-pronounced furrow, always black. The jaw is square and wide. The bite is straight. The neck is proportional to the overall build, slightly curved, the transition to the withers is smooth. The back is short and straight. The croup is oblique a little. The tail is straight or corkscrew-shaped, set low and narrowed to the tip, it must not rise above the back line. The limbs are muscular, the stance is parallel, the articulation angles are correct. The movement is smooth, free, and paws move straight and rhythmically.

The wool cover consists of shiny, uniform covering hair, but no undercoat. Coloration: white markings on black, mottled or kitty (black with reddish cast). Obligatory rim around the muzzle, a protocline and a spot on the chest, and there can be a collar. 

Training and education

Appearing in a new home, away from his mother, brothers and sisters, the puppy feels lonely and uncomfortable, this is the period when you need to surround the pet with care and gain his trust, but at the same time not to make major mistakes – do not allow the puppy things that he will later be forbidden. In punishments the owner must be strict, but fair. Boston terriers and boston terrier mixes are very intelligent, easy to train, quick to remember, with pleasure perform various commands, learn a variety of tricks. Boston Terriers are incredibly active and energetic, they need daily exercise, it is better if the walks will be full of games. 

Character and psychological profile 

Boston Terrier mix is a combination of energetic lively temperament and boundless trust in the owner, who tries to please in everything. They do not strive for leadership. They simply do not bark or bite, but pranks can be very creative. Boston Terriers need constant attention and companionship. Very jealous and stubborn at a young age. It is not desirable to leave the dog alone for a long time. Terriers will always warn of the intrusion of strangers on the territory with a loud bark, but that will be the end of it. These good-natured, trusting dogs can easily leave with a stranger if he is kind to them. The only time Bostonians can be aggressive is when defending their own family and in front of a real threat. They get along well with other animals, but rarely experience special affection. For children, they make an excellent companion and protector.

Housing and Care 

The best boston terrier mixes are simply created for house or apartment, they are clean, neat, not intrusive, need only a small personal space with their couch and many toys. You should not leave a dog in the yard for a long time. They do not tolerate cold and heat well. In the cold season, choose clothing for walks according to the weather. The Boston Terrier is very easy to keep, care for him is minimal. Daily wipe the dog’s muzzle with a wet wipe, removing the debris from the folds and wipe the eyes. Clean ears and clip claws as needed. The coat is brushed once a week with a special mitt or brush for short-haired dogs.

Choosing a puppy

If the dog will be a friend and companion, appearance and pedigree is not the key, but you should not buy a puppy from dubious breeders, because the breed is also a character and genetic defects. If you plan to participate in exhibitions, to win and breed, you should pay attention only to the best kennels and responsible breeders. Before you buy a puppy, you should determine the type of dog, color and gender.

Boston Terrier Chihuahua

This Boston terrier mix may be interesting to fans of small dogs. The temperament of these dogs is not the nicest, but if you are looking for a dog with an unusual temperament, this mix is worth a closer look. Since the temperament of these breeds is different, it is difficult to predict in advance what kind of dog you will get. The Boston Terrier is known for its friendliness, while the character of the Chihuahua is not so simple. Nevertheless, in most cases you will get a friendly puppy that will get along well with all family members. 

Yorkshire Terrier and Boston Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a wonderful companion breed. They are cute dogs, savvy pets, and loyal friends. The popularity of Yorkies has led to their numerous crossbreeding with other breeds. This boston terrier mix can be a great option if you plan to keep a dog in an apartment.

Other popular boston terrier mixes

  • Bulldog and Boston Terrier;
  • Chihuahua and Boston Terrier;
  • Beagle and Boston Terrier;
  • Pug and Boston Terrier;
  • French Bulldog and Boston Terrier.

The Boston Terrier is a good-natured clown at home making funny faces, goofing off childishly and charging the environment with positive energy. Friendly, restless, ready to give attention to everyone, he is absolutely devoid of such qualities as aggressiveness and suspiciousness. For example, Boston Terrier makes no difference, who in fact is a two-legged creature, who appeared on your doorstep – a representative of network marketing, or a family friend. This Massachusetts native is loyal to anyone, as long as he doesn’t trespass or try to be physically abusive.

With children the dogs have peace and understanding. Boston terrier mixes do not try to compete with the younger generation for attention, preferring to join their company to make mischief together. Neither do they harass feathered and furry pets living in the house with them. Of course, there were, is and will be attempts to jump on the cat that lost vigilance. But usually, after getting a sobering paw slap, most dogs calm down and stop harassing cats.

Boston Terriers are philosophical about forced loneliness. They do not make a scene and do not smash up the apartment, if nearby is not observed any creature resembling humans. The main thing is to give them a good walk before leaving them alone with their thoughts. Getting rid of the energy and emotional burden, boston terrier mix will peacefully lie down in your absence, with his head plunged into a world of canine dreams and fantasies. Well, those who plan systematic leaves should consider getting the animal the company of a second Boston terrier: together they will have more fun spending hours waiting for the owner.

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April 11, 2022

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