April 11, 2022

Chow Chow Mixed Breeds

Chow Chow Mixed Breeds

Chow Chow is a dog with an unusual appearance and a challenging temperament. In order to change the character and improve the working and exterior qualities, these dogs are mixed with other breeds. The most popular chow chow mix breeds can help you figure out what traits are inherent in chow chow mix breeds.

Chow chow – a faithful plush friend

Exotic chow chow dog breed is considered one of the most ancient. The homeland of the unique and good-natured dogs is China. The age of the breed is almost 2 thousand years. It originated from a cold northern region. Perhaps that’s why animals have a thick, fluffy coat. Versatile pets are capable of hunting, guarding housing, driving a cart, and herding. They have a frown and a walking gait. Because of the blue-black tongue, it is said of the chow chow that they lick the edge of the night sky.

Animals of this breed are not aggressive and have a low level of activity, so they can easily get along in small apartments and rooms. A couple of short walks fully satisfy their physiological needs. In order to prevent the development of aggression and raise a good family dog, it is necessary to begin socialization as early as possible.

Dog ,yellow chow-chow, in the rack.

Chow Chows are medium-sized, Spitz-like – they have a deep-set muzzle with a large black nose and almond-shaped eyes, a broad head, small triangular ears, a somewhat coarse thick coat that absorbs many shades: red, black, blue, cream, brown. The body is stout and square. The fluffy tail curls steeply over the back. The Chow Chow has a sullen, stately, commanding look with notes of snobbery. If the breeder insists on having other colors, most likely he is lying or the breed is not pure, mixed with another dog breed.

Chow chow: breed description, character, temperament

The plush chow chow is not as cute as it seems. They are independent and regally stately. Express great loyalty to one master, but will be attached to the whole family. Very territorial. Children may be disappointed that the pet will not respond to caresses and hugs. To unfamiliar congeners and strangers Chow Chow do not show friendliness. Dogs of this breed are incredibly intelligent, but no less stubborn, and therefore difficult to train. They like to do everything their own way. Therefore, you may want to take a closer look at the chow chow mixed breed. These breeds are often devoid of flaws and may be the best choice for your family.

Features of the best chow chow mix breeds

Representatives of the chow chow breed look like fluffy bears. These dogs have high intellectual abilities. They are independent and autonomous, loyal to their owners and the rest of the household, great possessors. Dogs of this breed are physically developed, they have a strong, massive build. They are good hunters and guards. These animals are phlegmatic, passive breeds, and do not like excessive caressing and cuddling. With insufficient upbringing and socialization, they are prone to display aggression.

People who want a pet, but for some reason can not afford a purebred dog, can pay attention to mixes. A mix of two different breeds often costs less than a purebred, sometimes even for free. The emergence of chow mix breeds is due to a variety of reasons:

  • A mix can be born from an accidental mating with another breed or mongrel. This happens more often if the owner or breeder fails to keep track of the pet.
  • The crossing of two breeds is done on purpose to get new breeds or to get rid of negative traits. This phenomenon is called “interbreed outbreeding”.

Chow chow mixed breeds are calm, intelligent, curious dogs. They usually have no aggression toward people. They are loyal to the family they live in. They can be good guards. However, they are characterized by willfulness, stubbornness and dominance, so they require training and education.

Top dog breeds chow mix

There are 2 varieties of chow:

  • classic long-haired;
  • smooth-haired or short-haired.

The variety of chow and the representative of the second breed affect what kind of appearance the puppies will have as a result of crossbreeding. Below are the top most popular chow mixed breeds.

Chow Chow and Husky

Chow Chow and Shar Pei

The Chow Chow and Shar Pei mix is especially popular because it successfully combines the best external qualities and character traits of both parents. This chow chow mixed breed looks like a miniature teddy bear, covered with a long, thick, fluffy coat. They are very loyal to the family in which they live and are raised. Unlike both parents, they are phlegmatic, these dogs are not aggressive. Despite all their positive qualities, mixes are very willful, so they need an owner with a strong character who will teach the stubborn to discipline.

Chow Chow and German Shepherd

Dogs resulting from this interbreeding have a memorable appearance:

  • medium in size;
  • Chinese bear cub physique;
  • medium-length, lion’s mane-like, thick coats;
  • sheepdog coloration.

These mixes are very loyal animals, always ready to stand up for those they love.

Chow chow and laika

Puppies born as a result of crossing with a laika look like small fluffy wolves. They take their appearance from both parents:

  • A long, fluffy coat and a massive chow chow physique.
  • Muzzle and tail ring like a laika.

Like other mixes, these dogs need early socialization and training.

Chow chow and mongrel

Mongrel crossbreeding most often occurs if the owner has not followed up with a purebred dog. It is almost impossible to predict what kind of appearance and character a puppy will be born with. It depends more on the mongrel than the purebred dog. Unscrupulous breeders may be silent about the fact that they sell non-breed dogs. Therefore, if you plan to buy a purebred chow, you should choose a kennel with a good reputation, where you can see the pedigree of the puppy, see his parents and see the conditions in which the animals are kept.

The intentional purchase of a mixed chow chow and mongrel will cost many times cheaper, maybe even for free. The nature and education of such a pet is completely up to the owner. Classes with the animal should begin as early as possible, then the dog will grow up to be a wonderful, obedient pet.

Chow Chow and Alaskan Malamute

Chow chow and Alaskan malamute mongrel dogs, which look like big furry puppies, are very popular. These chow chow mix breeds have a bright appearance:

  • big dogs;
  • strong, massive build;
  • long and fluffy fur.

The character of these dogs is quite calm. They are friendly to people, very loyal to the owners. However, they can be capricious and may refuse to obey useless or unnecessary commands. Therefore, they, like other mongrels, need a steady hand of the owner and his patience in training. It is impossible to predict exactly what traits of character and appearance the pet will inherit from each of the parents.

It is recommended to start training from the first day of the puppy’s stay in the house. The older the dog gets, the more stubborn his character will become. Communicate more and spend a lot of time with your pet. It will take a ton of patience and non-trivial techniques. Training should be as intense, varied and fun as possible. 

It is worth remembering that in any case, the chow mix breed is a mystery. Therefore, the choice of the future pet should be treated carefully and responsibly.

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