April 11, 2022

Cocker Spaniel Mixes

Cocker Spaniel Mixes

Dogs of mixed breeds are known all over the world. They are distinguished by their unique genes, colors, and excellent health. Almost all owners of this type will agree that mixes are loyal and friendly. As a rule, these dogs have pedigree parents, and the animals themselves combine the best features of both breeds. In this article we will talk about cocker spaniel mixes.

English and American Spaniels

Wonderful mixes come from these two major breeds. It is rumored that the Phoenicians were the first to bring spaniels to Europe, and the animals themselves got their name from the word “spani”, which translates to “rabbit”. These dogs do resemble a rabbit with their floppy ears. In England, the breed was officially recognized, calling it cocker spaniel. Subsequently, all new breed varieties appeared, including the popular American Spaniel. The original breed varied both in appearance and in the way it was cared for.

The boy spaniel is a short dog, reaching 40 cm at the withers. Girls are even shorter – no more than 38 cm. Weight is not particularly different – about 14 kg for both males and females. Coloration does not vary much: there is red, brown and black, as well as a mixture of these three colors.

The Cocker Spaniel breed is very healthy, and this muscular build requires excellent nutrition and long walks. In the very beginning of the breeding, the dogs were supposed to be useful for hunting, to help the mounted dogs with collecting the shot game from the ground. Therefore already at a genetic level it is a strong, vigorous and hardy dog. Their skills of grasping the game are determined by the structure of their massive jaws. The hunter’s features are seen everywhere: strong bones, all lines are sharp and angular as if outlined. The eyes are oval, with pigmented eyelids. The neck is always straight, the posture is clear. And of course, the famous hanging ears, narrow at the base, extending to the bottom, rounded.

The U.S. gave the breed a national connotation as soon as the spaniels arrived on Freedom Land. The American mestizo spaniel has a long coat, which at the show events especially like to comb it as much as possible, the eyes are no longer oval, but round, and the muzzle is short. Most often the dogs are brown in color, but in the English dogs they are black. Let’s look at the best cocker spaniel mixes.

Labrador and cocker spaniel mix

In such a crossbreed, everyone immediately notes the long angular nose. The ears are drooping, but tightly attached to the head, the broad tail narrows to the tip. The breed has a short and dense coat that is pleasant to the touch, shimmering in the sun. There should not be any spots or shades, this fact denotes only the uncleanness of the breed. The puppies of this breed love to play and frolic, but from the first months the owner should see the poise and kindness of these dogs, their tenderness and loyalty. If you have a small child at home, it is not recommended to keep a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Labrador mix because this fusion does not always result in obedience and complete safety.

Spaniel and dachshund

Such a crossbreed is called a docker or doxy. Externally, they look very much like spaniels, but, of course, the dachshund torso adds charm and uniqueness to the mix. The legs are also dachshund-short. The coloring is almost always light brown, with a caramel hue. Sometimes there are spots on the coat. Very active and alert dogs, love fast games and activities on the reaction. One of the cutest cocker spaniel mixes.

Spaniel and Husky

In order to get a mixture of husky and cocker, you need only purebred parents. This is when the result will exceed all expectations, and you will get a great crossbreed that will have the best features of a husky and a spaniel. The flaky coat of these representatives fits tightly and combines with the color of black and white tones of the Husky. The dog will be obedient and loyal, and from the spaniel will acquire the indispensable traits of a hunter. From both breeds, this mestizo has taken the friendliness and love for babies, as well as the lack of aggressive behavior. A cross between a spaniel and a laika looks very similar, only with the addition of a pointed-eared and shorter coat.

Beagle and cocker spaniel mix

The mix is very active, loves to hunt and swim. This spaniel understands all commands very well, it is kind and not aggressive. The ears are floppy, the coat is shiny and tight to the body. 

There are many types of cocker spaniel mixes, and it is no longer surprising to see crossbreeding with Bologna, poodles and bloodhounds, but that only makes the breeds more unique.

Keeping puppies at home

Spaniel mixes are always positive and playful, happy owners and small family members. They love companionship and get along with almost everyone. In care, you need to adhere to a few simple rules, and then the holding of these breeds will bring only joy.

  • Their peculiar body shape causes frequent problems with their ears – otitis and hearing loss are not uncommon here, so they need meticulous ear care to avoid seas, scratching and swelling. Ears should be cleaned constantly, wiped with a cloth with a bactericidal solution or even just water and wiped dry. The coat must be constantly washed and diligently combed – this applies to the ears as well, since falling hair can get into the ears.
  • Dogs require frequent and long walks. Not all owners are ready for that. The musculature of these dogs requires sports, activity, constant movement and play.
  • Nutrition should be complete, vitamins and minerals are accounted for. It is necessary to buy a bowl for both food and water, which should be available at all times, because both the puppy and the adult pet are always active.
  • It is important to visit the veterinarian for routine exams and vaccinations, as it is very important to monitor the animal’s hearing and vision.
  • The collar should be chosen not tight, but according to the size of the neck, because often the dog from emotion may pull the leash and cause himself discomfort: choking himself and rubbing the neck.
  • But the most important thing is to show constant attention and love for your pet.

Most spaniels will accept as much exercise as you offer them. They are relentless, especially outdoors. These dogs love active exercise and get very excited when they are played with. Before getting this breed, you should be prepared to devote some time each day for games, walks, or other exercise with your pet. Spaniels require regular brushing as their coats are particularly prone to tangling. Dogs of this breed need to be bathed a little more frequently than some other breeds. The hair at the paw pads of dogs should be trimmed regularly. Dogs of this breed shed, but not very much.


Cocker spaniel mixes are playful, cheerful, responsive, and gentle dogs by nature. They are very sociable and love to be around their loved ones. Dedicated and optimistic Spaniels are great pets and are good for both large families and singles. However, in a family, they are more likely to be closest to one person. It is worth noting that some dogs can be overly dependent on their owners, so it is important to teach your pet to be more independent.

Among cocker spaniel mixes there are timid and shy dogs, although most of them are very sociable. Also, females tend to be more stubborn and dominant compared to male dogs. Spaniels always want to please their master, so they learn quickly. However, some are prone to excessive barking. This breed is very good for children, and in most cases is friendly to strangers. These dogs get along well with pets, so they are well suited to be kept with other pets in the house.

Some of them can be stubborn and have a possessive attitude, especially when it comes to things like their toys. This breed makes good hunting dogs. When they are involved in hunting, they work very hard, these dogs never seem to get tired of hunting.


These dogs are not recommended to be left alone for long periods of time. This can lead to mental disturbances in the dog and subsequent behavior problems. With the increasing popularity of cocker spaniel mixes, indiscriminate breeding of this breed has led to character problems in these dogs. Thus, some spaniels can be nervous and aggressive toward strangers. They can easily become overweight, so it is important not to overfeed them. So now you know everything about popular types of cocker spaniel mixes.

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April 11, 2022

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