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Dog Breeds With Wrinkles

Dog Breeds With Wrinkles

Dog breeds with wrinkles is a separate category of animals that attracts attention. Many people want to get such a dog, but do not know how it should be cared for. Before buying, you should study the features of the character of the desired pet, the conditions of its maintenance and care.


In total, there are more than 400 varieties of dogs, which differ from each other in their appearance, character and purpose. Dog breeders are actively working on the development of new dog breeds. Each variety must have its own characteristics that will make the animal recognizable among the others. Usually dogs are divided not only by breeds, but also by groups. There is a category of animals that has always attracted people’s attention – dog breeds with wrinkles on the forehead.

Excess skin in pets was formed due to breeding work. As a rule, all wrinkled animals existed back in ancient times. In those days, dogs were used as hunters, so the folds allowed them to feel somewhat protected while fighting dangerous animals. The enemy would bite the skin without injuring the dog’s bones and muscles. All breeds have creases in their skin, but the most wrinkled of them all is the Sharpay. It is often referred to as a plush dog because its entire body is covered in folds, and it also has a soft coat. Also popular is the hunting breed, the Bloodhound, whose surplus skin is astonishingly large.

Overview of large wrinkle face dog breeds

Large dog breeds with wrinkles always attract attention. They give the impression of wise and stern animals, but at the same time very cute and charming, which can be admired endlessly. However, the rugged appearance does not always correspond to the character: most pets have a good disposition towards their family and are willing to play like little children.

The English Mastiff

This mastiff dog breed was bred for fighting, but despite its past, the dogs are valued for their calm and obedient nature. The pet treats children well, but it is not recommended to leave the animal alone with a child. This is due to the large size of the dog, which they do not always feel. And he can cause some kind of injury to a small child simply by negligence. The Mastiff is characterized by intelligence, judgment, dignity and nobility. This dog is not endowed with playfulness and needs gentle training. It is not recommended to physically punish the dog. For this reason, such a dog should not be bought by hot people, who can not be patiently educated and are prone to display aggression.

The English Mastiff is a protector who is always wary of strangers. He will not allow a stranger on the territory until he is sure of the safety of his possessions and household. Such a dog won’t raise his voice unnecessarily, but he snores loudly at night. Drooling is another disadvantage of the pet. Because of its massiveness, the breed can cause some inconvenience. First of all, this is due to the need for free space. For a small apartment, the mastiff is not suitable. It is not necessary to demand from the pet active behavior, because the breed is lazy by nature. Each owner should remember that such a dog hardly tolerates hot weather.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff on lead standing in the grass outdoors.

It is a large dog that has nobility and a calm temperament. It is another dog breed with a lot of wrinkles. The dog will be a good protector, next to him all the household is safe. The origin of the breed has ancient roots that stretch back to ancient Rome. When the great empire began to fall, they began to crossbreed with other Italian breeds and by the mid-twentieth century only 8 dogs remained in Sicily. The rebirth of Neapolitan Mastiff is to the credit of Sconzane, a cynologist who was able to get the perfect male dog from his kennel, which became the ancestor of the modern standard.

Such a dog is faced with specific folds that hang down from the head and belly. The peculiarity of the appearance allowed the animal to get protection in fights. The folds acted as a kind of shield: they protected the vessels with muscles from injury in battles. The Neapolitan Mastiff imposing appearance, confidence, calmness and alertness are advantages. The pet is characterized by infinite loyalty to its owner. The animal perceives only one master. He is so devoted to him that he will not depart from him in a single step. Along with this, the dog will not be annoying. The pet is affectionate and patient with children and can make friends with other animals with whom it lives under the same roof. The Mastiff is not pugnacious.


Another dog with wrinkles breed. The breed was bred in Belgium for hunting. At the moment it is used as a pet. Bloodhound is a capricious dog, but non-discriminating. In the family, he is always the center of the universe, attracting attention with his activity, craving for games and affectionate temperament. The pet is good with children and shows patience with adults. The dog fits into the atmosphere of the home and is a full-fledged member of the family, understanding all the household at a glance. The Bloodhound is a hospitable dog who always behaves in a well-behaved manner. It knows how to present itself, so it is valued in aristocratic families. Education should be done with affection, as physical violence is unacceptable for the animal.

Types of medium-sized dogs

There are many dog breeds with wrinkles on the forehead among medium-sized breeds, too.

English Bulldog

This is a serious and balanced dog with wrinkles on its face. The bulldog can be compared to a philosopher. He never hurries, carefully thinking over each step. You should not confuse the leisureliness of the pet with laziness. Despite the fact that the pet looks unperturbed outwardly, it has a leadership character. For this reason, you should insist on your own and show the animal who is the master of the house. The English bulldog is attached to its place of residence and it is difficult for it to move. However, when travelling he proves to be the perfect companion who can bear to travel in a car.

He is good with children, but will not play active games with them. Drooling and loud snoring is one of the disadvantages of this wrinkle dog breed. The breed does not tolerate temperature fluctuations very well either.

Shar Pei

The Shar Pei is one of the achievements of Chinese breeders. The breeders’ goal was to get an excellent guarding breed, which can protect its family. The dog should be characterized by strength and the ability to fight in the ring. The Shar Pei was ideally suited for this purpose, as his wrinkled skin is his armor. In the past, Shar Pei had pronounced fighting qualities and aggression that were instilled in them. At the present time, the dog is used only as a pet.

The animals have a well-developed intelligence, but their character is complex. Strangers to the Shar Pei are an object of mistrust. The dog will be faithful to its owner, ready to forgive all pranks to children and show leniency. The character of the dog is brave. You can keep this dog in an apartment or private home. Since the hair of the breed is short, you can not keep the animal outside in the cold season. The Shar Pei feels good during long journeys and is valued for its behavior – the breed rarely damages household items. These dogs are suitable for people with an active lifestyle, for a family with children.

Basset Hound

Basset hound is a peculiar dog breed with a specific appearance, due to which it can not be confused with other varieties. Short legs, a sad melancholic look along with huge ears hanging down to the ground. Creases on the neck and long body are other signs of the breed. The animals were bred as hounds. They were supposed to lead the trail well, regardless of the weather and were excellent at their assigned tasks. Basset is characterized by good contact and easy-going nature. Stubbornness and willfulness, along with pathological slowness – these are the characteristics of the breed. Animals are difficult to train, but are valued for their peaceful temperament and curiosity. When the basset is left alone, it sleeps.

Small dogs with wrinkles

Small dogs with wrinkles are also popular. The most famous breed is the pug. Such dogs were bred 3 centuries ago in China. The animals were in great demand among the Chinese nobles, and only wealthy people could afford such a pet. The breed became widespread during the reign of Napoleon. His wife loved pugs and always took her pet with her.

The pug is a small wrinkle face dog breed. Dogs always have a sad expression on their faces, but their personality is cheerful. They are kind animals that are very loving and loyal to their family. They are very agile and love to socialize and play with children. The pet is able to rush to the protection of its owner, if the latter is in danger. 

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