April 10, 2022

Dogs with the best sense of smell

Dogs with the best sense of smell

A dog’s sense of smell is probably its most amazing and interesting ability. A dog’s sense of smell allows it to distinguish many smells, including old ones or from a great distance. In this article we will talk about dogs with the best sense of smell.

A dog’s sense of smell: general characteristic

It is known that dogs are very sensitive to smells. Your dog can use its scent not only to find food and other animals from a great distance, but also to determine familiar or strangers, their gender, their physical and emotional state. It can distinguish a great many things with its sense of smell and navigate the terrain with ease. It constantly senses odors and it would be more correct to say lives in the world of odors. Animals that rely heavily on their sense of smell are called macrosomatic, and dogs belong to this group. Humans, on the other hand, are microsomatic, that is, we smell in principle, but in general we rely more on other senses.

Unlike humans, a dog smells with a very high degree of precision. It is able to sense the presence of one molecule of odorous substance in 1 liter of air or in 1 milliliter of water. It has been established that under favorable conditions a dog can smell at a distance of up to 1 km from their sources, and sometimes even more. If we talk about how many smells dogs can pick up, the number turns out to be quite significant. It has been proven that they can detect up to 1,000,000 smells. Which dog has the best sense of smell?

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is one of the most beautiful dogs in the world, lean, with a narrow muzzle and a thick, silky coat. Their original purpose was to search for game shot by hunters and to guard sheep, but because of their elegant appearance, this breed is used for decorative purposes. According to scientists, the Afghan Hound is perhaps the most difficult dog to train. Intelligence of the Afghan Hound is really low and character is complicated – they are aristocratic, sensitive and touchy, don’t like children and are hard to get along with other pets. Like all the aristocrats, these dogs are distinguished by selfishness and often refuse not only to carry out simple commands, but also to respond to their name. Nevertheless, experts often say that it is a dog with the best sense of smell.


This breed originated in Africa, where the Basenji was used as a hunting companion. These are interesting animals that are excellent for keeping in an apartment – they do not have a characteristic smell, are clean, and sometimes wash with their paws like cats. In addition, representatives of this breed can not bark, and emit a characteristic howling and rumbling sounds. Obedience Basenji are not different – they do not tend to take orders from the owner, as on any occasion they have their own opinion. These dogs remember new information difficultly, and in the absence of constant training quickly forget everything that was before. But if you’re looking for a dog with the best sense of smell, then you can look for the Basenji.


The Bulldog is one of the oldest English breeds, which was popular for its strength and endurance. These dogs were used for dogfighting and bullfighting, but over time such entertainment was banned, and they turned into calm and affectionate pets. There are several varieties of bulldogs, which differ slightly from each other in appearance but have similar characters. Bulldogs are slow and sedate, so before they follow their master’s orders, they think about it several times. As a result, the dog may never do what is required of it, despite persuasion.

Chow Chow

Cute dogs with purple tongues are not as easy and cute as they may seem at first sight. They look like small furry bears with thick brown, cream, gray, red or black fur, and their homeland is China. It is difficult to call a Chow Chow stupid, but they memorize new information and reproduce it very badly, and they are simply unfamiliar with ingenuity and intelligence. In addition, this breed is characterized by jealousy, stubbornness, and personality swings to the point of aggression, so they are ill-suited for families with children and the elderly. 


This breed was bred in Belgium and is known for its sedate and philosophical slowness, as well as its excellent sense of smell. Bloodhounds easily recognize the right smell among dozens of others, even after a few days, pick up the trail and unmistakably find what is needed. Unfortunately, the perfect sense of smell is almost the only quality of these dogs, so they are almost impossible to train. Bloodhounds are much more fond of playing detective than they are of obeying complex commands, however they need to be physically active. But it is a popular dog breed with the best sense of smell.


Surprisingly good-natured and adoring of children, despite its huge size and ferocious appearance, the Mastiff is the gentlest of giants in the canine world. Mastiffs were used by British tribes in their resistance to the Romans, and later this breed of dog was brought to Rome and used in gladiatorial fights in the Colosseum against lions and gladiators. Known for their ferocity and courage, they were popular as guard dogs in rural England. Today, they are widely known for their submissiveness and extremely poor concentration, so it takes them a long time to learn the simplest things, after which the information learned is quickly forgotten.

Basset Hound

Sad eyes, long floppy ears, a big nose, and clumsy feet – basset hounds look very touching, but a little silly. The breed was bred in the British Isles for tracking small game, and it has an excellent sense of smell, but all other qualities leave much to be desired. Bassets are very cheerful, they like to play, but they get tired quickly and prefer a soft bed to an active pastime. Laziness is not the only negative trait of representatives of this breed. These dogs are extremely absent-minded, and while walking they require strict control – carried away by some interesting smell, they may forget the way home. But if you are looking for dog breeds with the best sense of smell, you should take a closer look at the Basset Hound.

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April 10, 2022

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