April 11, 2022

Guard dog breeds that don’t shed

guard dog breeds that dont shed

Guard dog breeds that don’t shed are especially of interest to people who suffer from seasonal allergies. But also many allergy-free dog lovers are only willing to get a dog that won’t make their house smell unpleasant and won’t cause a fur pile. 

The physiology of shedding

The shedding is the natural process of changing the coat in animals. It varies in types, but is especially common seasonal, when a dog has extra undercoat before winter or in the spring when it has fallen out profusely. Renewal of hair also occurs throughout the year, the old hairs die off and fall out, and new hairs grow to replace them. This process periodically occurs in any four-legged pets, even in bald breeds, because they also have even a small amount of hair on their muzzle and paws.

Types of hair of dogs, its properties

In order to understand how shedding occurs, it is desirable to understand the types of hair in dogs. Cynologists argue that all dogs can be divided according to this factor into six groups:

  • medium-haired (regular);
  • long-haired;
  • sleek-haired;
  • coarse-haired;
  • curly-haired;
  • exotic.

The most widespread common coat has medium length and density of hair, such dogs need regular combing and washing, especially during seasonal molting. They are preferably kept outdoors, such as in cages, but sheepdogs and huskies still live close to humans and in apartments. Long-haired dogs have elongated hair and a soft, thick undercoat. These are, for example, greyhounds or Pekingese. They require meticulous care, daily washing with special products and combing out. People prone to allergies react most strongly to such pets. 

Smooth-coated dogs usually have no undercoat at all, and the main hair is quite stiff and short. They don’t need to be bathed often, but they do need regular cleaning. They often have a pungent smell, such is the characteristic of subcutaneous fat. Shedding is heavy, short hairs get stuck in the upholstery of upholstered furniture, on clothing. But what if you’re looking for the best guard dog breeds that don’t shed? Hard-haired pets are carriers of soft undercoat and stiff outer hair. The shedding is the most quiet – there is little or no shedding of the undercoat, and the undercoat is commonly plucked. 

Curly-haired dogs not only have an attractive appearance, but they also give almost no trouble during shedding and have absolutely no odor. In addition, they have a thin layer of subcutaneous fat (this is what most often generates the smell of the dog). Such pets are most often chosen as companions by people prone to allergies and at an advanced age. Exotics refer to dogs with an unusual fur coat or do not have it at all. If there is an allergy to fur, then these pets are ideal. But we should remember that irritation is caused not only by fur, but also by saliva and skin particles. Nevertheless, in order to have as little hair and dog smell in the house as possible, people choose a pet most often from the last three categories – dogs with stiff, curly or exotic fur. This is the best choice if you are looking for good guard dog breeds that don’t shed.

Special care for guard dog breeds that don’t shed

All dogs, whether or not they shed, require specific care. In order to completely prevent allergies in the household, a whole host of activities should be performed regularly, which include:

  • Daily wet and dry cleaning of the apartment or home to remove allergen microparticles.
  • Acustoming the dog to his place and instilling in him an understanding of human privacy.
  • Removing carpets, rugs, palats, and soft coverings, especially if the chosen pet has long hair.
  • Regular bathing, brushing, combing and haircutting of the dog, at least twice a month.
  • Selection of the right dry food, hair care products.
  • Installing an indoor air purifier.
  • Minimizing your dog’s contact with other dogs, especially outside dogs.

If a new pet is planned in a home with an allergic person, the patient should first interact with the puppy in a neutral area to identify individual reactions to the dog. The following is a list of the best family guard dog breeds that don’t shed.

Fox terrier

The fox terrier is a wonderful fox hunter and guard dog. Despite its cute appearance, it is capable of aggression and requires a serious approach to training. The stiff coat requires trimming.

Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is one of the most serious breeds, perfectly suited for apartment living. Trimming for a stiff, curly coat, training, and attention are all things this dog needs. Airedales are dogs accustomed to discipline, they are easy to train, and the breed is classified as a service dog. Its excellent nervous system, fearlessness and loyalty have been well known for centuries. 

Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is a striking representative of the Terrier, a traditional pet of American presidents. It is distinguished by courage, intelligence, cheerfulness and elegance in a small size. Stiff coat and thick undercoat require trimming and combing twice a year. And since this is a dog with character and a bright personality, you must accustom him to “beauty routines” from childhood. It is one of the best family guard dog breeds that don’t shed.

Kerry blue terrier

The Kerry blue terrier is a cute dog that looks something like a sheep and is covered with a curly coat that is not prone to rash. The breed was originally used for guarding and shepherding purposes. In dogs wool is almost odorless and does not shed, in addition, the blue color and the original “haircut” on his face makes representatives of the breed memorable and very attractive. Dogs are brave, quick-witted, and devoted to their owners.


In this family there are animals of different sizes, from small to large. All Schnauzers have coarse, hard hair with almost no undercoat, which does not rash and does not irritate the owners. They are shorn and trimmed to shape them. They are cheerful, intelligent, non-aggressive, but agile and energetic dogs. It is a great companion for people who often go out of town and do not mind walking with a pet for an extra hour.

Bouvier des Flandres

Were also originally only herding dogs. Today it is a large and powerful pet that lives well alongside humans in urban environments. An excellent family dog and bodyguard. 


Refers to the large German breed with a stiff coat. The name translates as “Giant Face”. Often these dogs are called Giant or Bear Schnauzers. They are brave and calm pets, very brave and loyal, hardy and unpretentious, easy to train and adapt to different living conditions. The coat of the Riesenschnauzer is so tough that it resembles wire, and is very thick, especially on the body, of medium length. It is longer and softer on the muzzle. There is the same coarse undercoat. Originally this breed was used as a working dog for herding cattle, later in the police and military fields, and in security work. These dogs are also good as companions in urban environments. Dogs of this breed need a lot of exercise and long walks.

In this article we named guard dog breeds that don’t shed. An aversion to the smell of dogs, scattered shreds of hair, and even allergies will not be a serious obstacle to a family seriously deciding to get a dog. There are many popular and not-so-popular breeds that are easy to keep. It’s up to you whether to have a toy or a faithful friend. Having a dog in the house does not mean health problems for the owner and the hair scattered everywhere. The love of a pet is enough to outweigh the discomfort of having one in the house.

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April 11, 2022

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