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Rodent-Wrecking Dog Breeds

Rodent-Wrecking Dog Breeds

One of the oldest roles dogs have played in the service of humans is the extermination of rats and mice, which are not only dangerous pests but also carry many infectious diseases. Rodent hunting dog breeds are everywhere where there are rodents, and they fight with their countless hordes day and night. That’s why these dogs are held in high esteem by humans and the most skilful ones became a matter of great pride for their owners.

Historical reference

Why do we need dogs breeds for rodent control, if for all time this function was fulfilled by cats? But this is not quite true – the history of rodent hunting dog breeds dates back to the Middle Ages, and cats in those years were considered assistants of the dark forces and were not very popular among people. That is why for centuries, catching mice and rats was mostly the privilege of specialized dog breeds, especially in the countries of the Old World.

Dogs were kept on farms, granaries, the sides of merchant ships, where dogs penetrated into the narrowest crevices, killing rats as well as cats. In those years even a widespread quite bloody sport. It consisted in the fact that thousands of rats were driven into the arena and then released dogs and made bets on how long it would take a dog to kill all the rodents. Some of the animals showed themselves as the real record holders – especially flexible and swift dogs catching up to 15 rats in one minute!

What properties should have the best dog breeds for rodent control?

First and foremost, these animals are characterized by innate courage and excitement for pursuing prey – so strong that it exceeds feelings of self-preservation and fear when corralling. Dogs have excellent hearing, thanks to which they can hear the slightest rustle made by rodents. In this case, the dog must have a small but very strong, flexible body, strong jaws and triangular head – its structure should allow not only to dispose of the rodent, but also to quickly catch prey and penetrate into the narrowest holes, where rats are hiding.

Nowadays, many dog breeds for rodent control are breed as companion dogs, they are distinguished by loyalty and devotion to their owners, become good playmates for kids and get on well with other pets, especially cats, because they can be rightfully called colleagues. But you should not keep such animals under one roof with hamsters, chinchillas and decorative rats – their hunting instincts will be evident and the dog will be unstoppable in the pursuit of the enemy.


There are quite a few rodent hunting dog breeds. Let’s focus on the most popular of them.

How to choose?

All rodent hunting dog breeds have extremely high performance. In the fight against uninvited guests and pests of pantries, barns, chicken coops and pens for livestock dogs show themselves at their best. Therefore the choice between concrete breeds is done taking into consideration only your own taste and financial possibilities.

However, it should be noted that most of the rodent hunting dogs are quite rare breeds, so their cost is very high. This is often used by unscrupulous breeders who pass off one breed for another. Externally, these animals are very similar, but the cost of certain breeds because of the low prevalence can be much higher.

Before choosing a puppy, get acquainted with all the features of the breed and its appearance, and it is better to take a specialist who can confirm that the proposed pet has all the required breed characteristics. And, of course, give preference only to proven kennels with a good reputation and positive reviews.

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