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Vizsla Mixed Breeds

Vizsla Mixed Breeds

The Hungarian Vizsla is a luxurious service dog with excellent natural qualities and an elegant appearance. The breed has a long history, its members are not only excellent hunters, but also companions, friendly and open-minded. However, owners should consider the peculiarities of the dog – if there is no hunting, you will have to come up with other entertainment for the four-legged pet. Most vizsla mixed breeds also have a hunting instinct.

Description of the Hungarian Vizsla breed

Dogs of this breed cause admiration – elegant, proportionally built, muscular. They are quite tall dogs, with a golden smooth color and the expressive face of an aristocrat.

The standard specifies the following proportions and descriptions of the animals:

Coat and color

The Hungarian Vizsla has short hair, which covers the whole body as a dense layer, rough and tough, with only one layer of undercoat. The ears and head are shorter and softer, a little longer under the tail, and less plentiful around the belly than on the body. The color of the coat ranges from wheaten to red-golden tones. It may be a little darker around the ears. The standard allows for a white spot on the chest as well as white markings on the tips of the paws.

Character of vizsla mix breeds

Although these dogs have long been used exclusively for hunting, they have always lived side by side with humans and have been part of the family. As a result they developed the characteristics of companion dogs, which meant that they did not disappear when hunting became irrelevant. The Hungarian Vizsla wants to be near her master at all times. It takes loneliness hard, it is not recommended to leave the pet for a long time without communication. Not all representatives of hunting breeds are capable of such a close, trusting relationship with the owner, as vizsla mix breeds. The dog loves the owner infinitely and is very loyal to him.

It is worth noting that the friendliness of vizsla mix breeds applies not only to family members and people who often enter the house. The dog will be hospitable to all guests and does not mind getting acquainted with them. Therefore, such a pet will not be able to become a guard or watchman, there is no wariness or aggression to strangers in it. But it is possible to train the dog to raise its voice in alarming situations. An owner returning home will always be greeted by a happy, bouncing, and wagging tail. No matter if you are away all day, or for 5 minutes out. Vizsla will try to jump on the chest and lick the face of their beloved owner.

In addition, representatives of this breed are excellent with children. They can play tirelessly, finding common activities. Properly trained vizsla mixed breeds become very gentle and patient pets, not without reason they are successfully used as therapy dogs. The dog, stern and focused during the hunt, upon returning home transforms into a kind, affectionate pet. Having spent its excess energy at work, it becomes calm, compliant, almost perfect.

Most hunting breeds get along well with their brethren, and Hungarian vizsla mix breeds are no exception. They are used to independent work, but are also able to hunt productively in a pack. One dog will not suffer from not having another dog in the house, but if it does show up, more often than not the vizsla will be happy. These dogs are not prone to dominance, they are not jealous and will not mark and guard their territory. And while it is not advisable to take most four-legged hunters into a home where there are other animals, there is no such restriction for most vizsla mix breeds.

The word “vizsla” translates as “to seek”, that is, the task of the vizsla is to find and bring the game to the owner, which means that the dog does not attack the animal. Therefore, such a pet gets along quite well even with cats. Conflict can arise on the other hand – not all cats are happy with such an active and positive neighborhood. Vizsla may pose a threat only to small animals – guinea pigs, hamsters. Some vizsla mixed breeds cannot deny themselves the pleasure of hunting.

Education and Training

The Vizsla is not the kind of dog that will blindly carry out a task, it is important for him to understand that the command is really worthwhile. Even as puppies, dogs of this breed undergo a special test using a fishing rod, to which a wing of a feathered game is tied to a rope. Of course, such a test does not reveal how successful Vizsla will be in the hunt, but it shows whether the dog stands up at the sight of potential prey. From as early as six months old the puppy can be taken out hunting, so that by one year old he knows most of the game and is well trained. Vizsla needs mandatory practice. But most hunters overlook this feature. However, the older dog becomes a bit disoriented.

Vizsla works well in the water, finding wounded birds, which is possible due to its sensitive sense of smell. It can port from the water as well as from the land. Representatives of this breed are not willful and even in excitement do not lose contact with the owner. Such a pet is easy to control while searching, and training in any area is not difficult. Vizsla mix breed is a sensitive animal, sensitive even to changes in intonation, which means that harsh, rough methods of education and training are not suitable for it. The dog is difficult to tolerate the physical impact. During training it’s important to be firm and adamant. But the owner must be fair, patient and understand his four-legged friend.

Care and health

The care of vizsla mixed breeds does not cause any special difficulties. The dogs have a short coat, which does not require combing. Even during the molting period, it is enough to brush the pet a couple of times a week with a special brush or glove. The dogs are bathed once in 1-2 months, but, taking into account their weakness for water, during the warm season it’s desirable to give the pet the opportunity to splash in local water bodies. If a dog is slightly dirty, you can do without washing, wiping the necessary area with a damp cloth.

The Vizsla is a thoroughly clean animal, it licks itself thoroughly and does not have a distinctive doggie smell. We should pay attention to the dog’s teeth, because they often have plaque on the enamel. To prevent this from happening, you should brush his teeth weekly with a brush and product that is suitable for dogs.

The most popular vizsla mix breeds

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