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How long can a dog go without eating

dog go without eating

A healthy adult can go without food for about 20-25 days, but only if they drink water. How long can a dog last without food? Let’s try to find out!

How many days can a dog go without eating

So how long can a dog go without food? It’s considered that the maximum period of hunger strike for dogs is about 12-15 days. Of course, such a long time without food can withstand a physically strong and healthy animal, which is also not deprived of access to water. But according to the veterinarians, the owner should worry about the dog if it does not eat for more than 2 days. And if a puppy refuses to eat, urgent medical attention may be needed as early as 12 hours after the last meal. That’s how long a dog can live without eating.

Dogs can go a long time without food, but is voluntarily or involuntarily withholding food dangerous to an animal’s health? Yes, of course, starvation can lead to many problems, among them:

And, of course, we must mention the worst of the consequences of starvation: death. Considering the trouble that refusal to eat can cause, owners should monitor the frequency of their pets’ food intake. So if you’re wondering how many days a dog can go without food, you might want to see a professional.

Why your dog won’t eat

Now let’s see why a dog may suddenly refuse to eat even though its appetite has been excellent so far.

How to stimulate a dog’s appetite

If the cause of the loss of appetite is some illness, you need to take the animal to the doctor as soon as possible. You shouldn’t waste valuable time wondering how long a dog can survive without eating if there are other dangerous symptoms that cause the loss of appetite: refusal to drink, high or low body temperature, nasal or eye discharge, movement disorders, vomiting or diarrhea (the vomit and feces may contain blood, pus or mucus), constipation, and other signs of illness.

However, if the animal is starving not because of health problems at all, the owner can try to take the following steps:

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