April 10, 2022

What animals can’t swim

What animals can not swim

Swimming is a very interesting way to get around. Some people say that all animals have the ability to swim. Others believe that many animals cannot swim. This question has not yet been solved by scientists. What animals can’t swim?

Can all deep sea creatures swim?

It is believed that if an animal lives in water, then nature itself gives it the ability to swim. However, this is not entirely true. For example, there are Ogcocephalidae in the depths of the ocean. It, outwardly almost indistinguishable from other fish, moves on the bottom, using its pectoral fins as legs. Therefore, when asked about an animal that cannot swim, you can confidently answer that it is Ogcocephalidae. But if someone would argue that crabs and lobsters cannot swim, he would be wrong. These arthropods in rare cases can swim using their tail. Although crustaceans do prefer to crawl. 

Are cats, rabbits, and hares good swimmers?

To the question about animals that can’t swim, some people answer that cats, rabbits, and hares are good swimmers. But this opinion is deeply flawed. Cats, for example, can swim, and they can swim quite well. True, not all members of this genus like to be in the water. But there are some breeds of cats for which bathing and swimming is a real pleasure. Such are Turkish Vans. It is also known that Siamese cats will not refuse to swim. Rabbits can hold on and even move around in the water for a while. But their skills are enough only for a short time. So, we cannot call them excellent swimmers. 

But can hares swim if they are so similar to rabbits? Eyewitnesses say that yes, they can swim and use their abilities with pleasure. One member of an expedition in the Northern Archipelago describes how two curious hares swam across a rather cold sea strait, which was more than three hundred meters wide. Having explored the island, they decided to return to their mainland, which they immediately did. Could the hares drown in the water? In fact, if the hares could not swim at all, they would not have made it to the drifting logs and splinters. But you have to understand that the water in the spring in some regions is very cold, animals freeze in it and drown from hypothermia. That’s why they try to escape on logs, stumps and branches. 

What kind of swimmers are land birds?

Well, that’s where it’s pretty hard to answer. Almost all birds love to flounder in a puddle. But no one has ever tried to make them swim. There are certain species of land birds that can and love to swim. However, most birds can not swim. But the well-known house hen, which, according to the popular opinion, is afraid of water, perfectly stays on its surface and even moves around, though not as fast as geese or ducks.

Can camels swim?

Perhaps there are more animals that can swim than those that can’t. Although when someone tries to name animals that can not swim, today many claim that they are camels and giraffes. Some even give out an invented theory that the humps of these animals are filled with water, which is sure to pull them down. Therefore, a camel rolling over on its back will not even be able to stay on the water. But this is all the fiction of ignorant people. Camels swim perfectly well, although in natural conditions in their historic homeland they hardly ever get to see the river. Eyewitnesses claim that even little camels swim perfectly well. And these graceful “ships of the desert” do not roll over on their backs. And why would they do that? There is no water in their humps, but fat, and it is known to be lighter than water. 

Virtual giraffes can swim, too

The fact that this long-necked mammal loves floundering in water is proven in practice. But no one has yet managed to watch how giraffes swim. However, scientists have made a digital copy of the animal and tried to imitate the process. So, theoretically, these beautiful animals can swim, too. 

So what animals cannot swim? As practice proves, almost all animals in a certain situation try to survive. And almost all of them can swim. Even such a large land mammal as an elephant does not lag behind. Even pigs know how to swim under certain circumstances when they need to. So almost all animals know how to swim, because it is inherent in nature. The ability to swim is necessary for survival, so it’s hard to find an animal that can’t do it.

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April 10, 2022

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