April 9, 2022

What animals mate for life

What animals mate for life

Not only people can truly love, there are strong families among animals as well. And they treat each other with such care and love that we can certainly take an example from them. Here is a list of animals that mate for life.


Since ancient times there have been legends about these majestic birds, and they are considered a symbol of nobility and marital fidelity. Swans are monogamous, and the pair forms in the wintertime: for this purpose, the birds swim side by side, shaking their heads in time and tilting them in different directions. It happens that single swans want to win over a partner from an already established pair. In this case, the males stage a duel, and, as a rule, the male of the pair drives out the outsider. The swan family is faithful not only to each other, but also to its nest. So in our animal mate for life list, swans rank first.


Despite its title as a ferocious predator, the wolf is a very caring and gentle creature. Animals treat family life with great trepidation, caring for their offspring. The wolf can safely be called a paragon of loyalty and devotion, that’s why so many poems and songs are written about these amazing animals. A wolf pack consists of a wolf and a she-wolf leading the pack, as well as their offspring of different ages. All wolves of the pack are very attached to each other, they express their love by biting and playing games. Wolves are among the animals that have one mate for life.


The relationships of these monkeys resemble human relationships in many ways: they can cheat on each other, break up, and even remarry. If we consider the happy married couples of these primates, the partners tenderly care for each other and raise cubs together. Unlike other primates, gibbons do not live in packs, preferring to live in small families away from other monkeys.


These animals are very fond of cuddling and all kinds of caresses, the male often strokes his mate with his front paws. The female is the head of the family. The family of beavers is very strong, with the female being larger, stronger and more aggressive than the male, often she is the one who builds the dam and protects the territory. The children of beavers live with their parents for two years. One of the reasons for this is that they need time to adopt the experience of building dams, complex engineering structures. So if you are looking for what animals only have one mate for life, then think of beavers.


If we compile animals that mate for life in a list, we should include penguins there. One pair returns to the same colony each season to raise chicks, which both parents take turns raising and nurturing. In search of a mate, the male is ready to search the entire coast. Handing a gift in the form of a pebble to his beloved, he makes a proposal to her. The nest built by penguins usually becomes permanent, too; penguins create it in the place where they were born.

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April 9, 2022

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