January 22, 2022

What is the only dog breed specifically mentioned in the bible?

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Dogs are friends of humans and that’s a self-evident truth. There are plenty of dog breeds with different virtues, drawbacks, and even purposes. These creatures are considered to be the smartest animal in existence. They are greatly devoted to people, especially to their masters.

We wonder what the bible says about pets. This is one of the oldest books of ancient writings which tell the history of the Earth. How are the dogs represented in it? The experts say that this holy scripture mentions a single dog breed. Is it true? And what breed is this? Let’s cope with these issues in the article.


What is the only dog breed mentioned in the Bible?

What does the bible say about pets? Well, Genesis 1:24 says that on day six of Creation, God created all land living animals. Thus, we can suppose that god created a dog. But you will not find any satisfactory evidence of dogs in Scripture. These creatures as a class are mentioned in the Bible books and sometimes in a negative sense. Though there are tons of its versions. Understanding of the content differs. Some of the researchers insist that God created dogs. Right then the others say that the dog is a symbol of the Devil. Opinions vary. Frankly speaking, dogs as a generalized character are mentioned several times both in Matthew and Luke, but there is no direct mentioning in John. The dog in the bible means the light existing for those who find themselves in the darkness.

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Here we should make a pause in those disputes, and pay our attention to the breed in the Bible. The Old Testament speaks about the Greyhound. This name can be found in the book of Proverbs, chapter 30, verses 29-31.

“There be three things which go well, yea, which are comely in going:

A lion, which is strongest among beasts and turneth not away from any;

A greyhound; a he-goat also.”

Or, we’d rather say that the word which is translated into English as a greyhound is found in the chapter. In the specified place a Hebrew word is used which can be loosely translated in English as “girt in the loins.” The researchers have decided that this may be the Greyhound with its slender waist. But still nobody can prove the assumption and guarantee that word refers to the translation. Does the author mean an actual greyhound? There are a lot of other pets in the Bible but this is the only reference to the dog breeds. The experts think it is quite possible.

five greyhound dogs

About the greyhound

The greyhound is a tall, slim, and fast dog being one of the oldest dog breeds. It has a higher body temperature compared with any other breed. It is known for its keen sight and capability to run at a high speed almost flying because it spends 75% of the time in the air. Only the cheetah is able to run faster. Greyhounds can boast of a very big heart and large lungs allowing them to carry more oxygen around the body and making them run faster and be enduring. At that, they can lose up to 5 pounds upon completing a race. They have a unique stereoscopic vision being able to view objects behind them and over 0,5 miles in front of them. They see moving objects better. In addition to all these virtues they are very gentle. The animal experts suppose that this breed of dog can be regarded as the healthiest one if there is not any hereditary disease.

It has been used for hunting or racing since ancient times. There are no proofs of its origination. The original country can be Greece or Turkey, a location in the Middle East or in North Africa. This animal was preferred by all great ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. They are found mummified and buried with their masters. The pictures of these dogs in tombs were used as an emblem located at the feet, symbolizing the faith, hunting, and high blood. It is true that in olden days only noblemen were allowed to buy and keep a greyhound.

We can assume that greyhounds come from Egypt and have been held in high esteem throughout history. Such persons of historic dimensions as Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I of England owned dogs of this breed for racing. Greyhound racing is called the “Sport of Queens” for this very reason.

Originally they were bred for chasing hare, foxes, and even deer. Nowadays the greyhound is kept as a family pet mostly. Though, being able to go as fast as 40 miles per hour, they can be used for the sport purpose too. The racing dogs are retired early and spend their life in shelters waiting for adoption. They are loved for their grace and mild nature. Though, they cannot stand loneliness and cold weather. You cannot take it and leave it alone in the house for the whole day. They need to be loved, to get attention and care. This is a nice companion for life. And they adore hot days.

As to its breed characteristics we can speak about high adaptability to living in an apartment being very easy to groom. They get very affected with family behaving friendly towards kids, strangers, and other dogs. Their masters prove that this breed is easy to train, being intelligent without the tendency to bark a lot. They need regular exercises and like playing.

Greyhounds are distinguished for their high energy levels. But they apply their energy when they run. In common life they like sleeping. By the way, when we speak about their unbelievable speed, we should highlight that they are sprinters, which are not intended for a long distance running. In ordinary life, a daily walk will be enough for them, but good jogging is still better. If you keep them in the house, the yard should be protected with a tall fence to prevent them from chasing animals passing by the house. They consider any cat or rabbit to be prey.

Thus if you are interested What is the only dog breed specifically mentioned in the bible? – you get the detailed answer in our article.

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January 22, 2022

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