January 22, 2022

Which dog can kill a lion?

lion and dog

Dogs are pets and that is why we do not regard them as dangerous animals, but there are certain breeds which are even banned in many countries due to their aggressive character and physical strength.

While a lion is considered one of the strongest beasts on the Earth being able to kill with a bow of its paw. There is almost no enemy worthy of lion’s steel. Probably, a powerful tiger can be stronger or elephants and buffalo can kill a lion if it is cornered because they are larger.

So, when we compare a dog and a lion there is no doubt that the big cat will win in fighting. Is it true in all cases? Are there dogs that can kill a lion? The answer is positive. Believe it or not, there are dogs which are capable of putting a lion down. We are going to tell you about these breeds which are so powerful. These are the dogs that hunt lions without fear. We are going to speak about ten dog breeds which are known for their strength. These dogs are hunters and defenders by their nature having robust characteristics.

Why does a dog fight against a lion?

The success in fighting is not explained with the strength of a dog only. There is a particular canine tactic with a unique hunting style typical of some dog breeds. For instance, wolves and hyenas attack the target in a group having numbers. That is clear, that if a pack of big dogs drives a lion into a corner, they will win. But what about a duel in the format “dog vs lion”? Is it possible that this fighting will end in favor of a dog?

There are breeds which are able to beat the battle alone though, as we have mentioned, naturally dogs fight in a pack. Lions, on the other hand, are able to apply both tactics: fighting one-on-one and hunting in a pride. They are smart and apply various techniques and that is a serious advantage. Why should a dog get involved in this unequal battle with an advanced enemy? Here motivation comes. There must be a reason for them to attack alone and win. When we list the powerful breeds below, you’ll be surprised to find kind dogs loyal to a human with mostly protective habits. So, if there is a danger for their master, they will do everything to protect him, demonstrating unbelievable bravery and power. They will fight to the death and never run away to save their life.

a lion

Dogs bred to hunt lions

Let’s start focusing on the subject. So which dog can kill a lion? The experts mention several breeds with abilities in severe fighting. They differ from each other having a different level of endurance and power but still they are capable:

1.        Rottweiler. This is a serious guard with a striking severity and fearless character. It is used in the military, police, and customs. Some families choose them as a protector for their houses as far as these dogs are born to protect their masters. They do not like strangers and are not tolerant of other dogs. Being suspicious this highly intelligent dog notices every movement and reacts immediately if there is a threat of any kind. Can a Rottweiler kill a lion? They are equipped with powerful jaws which can hold big animals including lions. Also, the strong points are their promptness and energy. If you choose this breed for your home keeping, you should pay attention to their regular socializing.

lion and dog

2.        Wolf Dogs. This breed is rather difficult to handle because these dogs are aggressive even towards people. They are not recommended for a home setting. Still they are very intelligent and assertive being able to attack at any moment applying their sharp teeth to protect their territory and food. You can compare them with wolves which are hunting in packs only. Their prey is a large animal like a lion but they hunt only in a group.

3.        Neopolitan Mastiff. This is a lion killer dog being bred exactly for this purpose but not limited to. They are extremely large and strong. The task of these heavyweight guard dogs is to protect people, to be a powerful devoted companion for their masters. Being competitive they become terrible when anything provokes them.

4.        Tibetan Mastiff. Their task is to protect livestock with powerful jaws against predators including wolves. They have smart guardian tactics being able to manage the flocks barking and leaving marks around to send away the wild animals. They are active at night.

5.        Boerboel Dogs. This breed is one of the Mastiff family being the most quick-witted and tactical ones. They are used by farmers to protect people and domestic animals against wild animals including lions. Their fighting habits are pulling and chewing. The dog is muscular, courageous, aggressive to strangers and other dogs, very strong, but at peacetime in the family they are quiet and reliable.

lion and dog fight

6.        Rhodesian Ridgeback. This is another lion killing dog known also as African Lion Hound. It is bred to hunt exactly for this predator. Looking not very powerful at first sight, it is intelligent, strong-willed, and very confident. It has an athletic build and a strong personality. They are aggressive to strangers but loyal to their master. Still, there is a threat of disobedience. Usually they fight in a pack in cornering a lion in hunting expeditions of some farmers. In addition to that, this strong muscular body with high prey drive has an excellent scent tracking ability. They don’t leave their prey and can track it for long distances.

7.        Fila Brasileiro. This dog contains the cruelest features of fighting dogs like Bulldogsm English Mastiffs, and Bloodhounds. They are massif, intelligent, courageous, and have a high degree of determination being ready to act right away without doubts and with a strong aggressive approach. A group of five Fila is able to fight against lion and win. At that they are completely harmful for their owners being a splendid guard dog and a friendly reliable companion. Though, Fila Brasileiro are banned in some countries.

8.        Dogo Argentino. This is a large dog being muscular and strong enough for hunting puma, wild boar, and lion. As most dogs they act in a pack that is why it is difficult to say whether it copes with a lion alone but with several members of their species they will win for sure. They are intelligent, being able to respond immediately and follow the prey for a long time chasing it thanks to perfect lung capacity. Add a brilliant sense of smell to all their virtues and you get the characteristics to fight fiercely against a lion.

9.        Kangals. This is a dog with the strongest bite compared with all the breeds in this list which are known for their powerful grip. They are even stronger than a wolf in this respect whose average bite force is equal to 400 per square inch which Kangals can boast of this performance equal to 743 pounds per square inch. The breed is intended for protection.

What dogs can kill a lion in addition to the above breeds? Probably, there are some breeds but we have mentioned the most powerful and brave which have proved their efficiency in hunting large wild animals. You should understand that there are other tough and aggressive breeds like Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls, and even the smartest one – German Shepherds which were originally bred to attack the wolves, though now due to their obedient temper they are a frequent family member. But such breeds have no required physical force to fight against such a large animal as a lion.

lion and many dogs

In general dogs are the best friends of people. You’ll hardly find any animal which can come closer to a human. Even funny and independent cats cannot beat a pup in this respect. But still as we see there are breeds which cannot be regarded as a family member due to their special purposes, stubborn and aggressive nature. If you are sure in your dog training skills and you can boast of a strong character to establish respect and trust with your pet, you will get a reliable companion. But if you are not sure to bring a dog of dangerous breeds up the right way, you should refuse keeping it. If such a dog gets aggressive, it will not be able to suppress its anger and aggressiveness.

dog with lion mane

Such dogs are good for hunting on predators including lions. In the article we have described only nine ferocious dogs that kill lions with tendencies of aggression, some of which are even forbidden in particular countries. The others are still recommended as a companion even if they are created to catch, hunt and guard. There are those whose bite force exceeds the bite force of wolves which are famous for their continuous killing grasp. Some of them have a perfect sense of smell and the others demonstrate rare agility. Though if they are loyal to their master, they can be a little bit dangerous. As to fighting against a lion we can prove that there are individuals which are powerful enough to get involved in such a battle but usually they are more efficient in a pack. If they corner a lion, there is no way out. But why should they do it? The key reason for their attack is a threat to their master. This is the strongest motivation. Regardless of their independent thinking and sometimes disobeying tendency, they do protect their owners to the bitter end. The only requirement is to give proper training, which makes them responsive to commands maintaining protective instincts.

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January 22, 2022

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