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Why does my cat sleep on me?

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First and last, all cats see their owners as an equal. That’s why you should be ready to communicate with them on even terms respecting their choices. And one of their strange and constant choices is to sleep on their masters. They can get curled up and settle on the chest or lap of a human feeling very comfortable and safe. They do not mind you stroking their head but you have no right to move and send them away. They can nestle on you when you are watching TV, reading a book, working on the computer, and even when you are sleeping.

You have a legitimate question: Why does my cat sleep on me? You can explain such behavior with their love for you or their need for some safety and warmth. But still the answers do not satisfy. And you will ask again: Why do cats sleep on you?

Cat habits

It is a fact that cats spend almost 70-% of their life sleeping. It is quite normal for this pet to sleep about 15 hours per day. Of course, they can choose any place in the house including sofas, windowsills, and floors. But if you appear within their view and have some rest they will come and settle somewhere on your body. Even your head can be a place for their settlement or somewhere next to it with affordable contact with the body. Such closeness can be considered touching loyalty and affection, but sometimes it may irritate and prevent you from feeling comfortable.

Let’s remember how kittens behave when they are born growing near to their mother. They sleep together. Probably they grow up with this need in cuddling, piling together to feel warm and secure. It is clear that when they are sleeping they cannot keep the environment under their control becoming vulnerable. The smell of a master also can be a reason. In general, smells do matter for cats.

Why does my cat like to sleep on me?

  Once again let’s suppose that your cat chooses you as its bed because you are its greatest love. Even being very self-interested, cats can be rather affectionate and love their master with all their heart determining the time he returns home, feeling his low spirits and ill-being. They start bumping a master with their heads, rubbing against his legs, and show their affection by other typical ways. Some cats can follow their owners every place he goes in the house. Thus, sleeping on a man can be a sign of a social bonding, the way to communicate with a human being.

·           Probably they like the temperature of your body, looking for a warm place in the house and use you as a heat generating device. It is a fact that the normal temperature of a cat’s body is about 100 °F, and they try to maintain it by looking for a comfortable place in the house. You should agree that cats like sunny rooms. When the day is cold it can even sleep with you or on you at night. You may wonder: Why does my cat lay on my chest? The answer is very simple. The warmest part of a human body is the head and chest that is why a cat prefers these parts of your body. And there is an idea that a cat can enjoy the beat of your heart.

  Cats have a sense of ownership. That is not a complete truth but let it be. There is scientific evidence that a cat is able to get emotionally attached to a person and feel distress in case of separation. That is why they try spending more time with their owners sleeping on them and that makes them feel safe. So when you ask Why does my cat sleep on me? The answer may be: They show that you belong to a cat. Also, within a contact they deposit pheromones on a human body leaving their marks. And vice versa, as far as you have a familiar smell, they prefer to be beside you and feel comfortable. Why do cats sleep at your feet? Probably, because of the smell.

Remember that for cats this is quite normal to sleep on one another, and a cat laying down on your lap just shows that it treats you as one of their own. This is a proof of affection.

The most favorite places for a cat to sleep:

·           on a chest;

·           on a head;

·           on lap.

The positions can differ a lot. The cats can sleep on their backs or curling up, covering their faces with paws. The experts say that a position depends on the temperature of the surrounding air mostly. When it is hot, cants prefer stretching themselves, when it is cool, they curl into a ball. But if a cat finds comfort on your body, when you are sleeping, and interrupts your own sleep, you should just forbid it to get onto your bed. It will take some time, effort, and patience, but you will achieve the result with love and continuaty.

You can reclaim your bed or even close an approach to your bedroom if you do not agree to see a cat sleeping on you. And there are reasons in favor of such a decision, in particular if a pet goes outside for walks. Just provide a comfortable, soft, and warm place for a cat to sleep. You may put your personal staff there like a t-shirt. Close the door to your bedroom when you go to sleep and keep it closed during the day. First, a cat may disobey trying to penetrate into your bedroom, knocking at the door, and meowing. But, you have to follow your training plan and do not abandon hope to get the expected result. In order to prevent a cat from insisting, you can give it a nice workout for half an hour playing with it as much as you can to make it tired prior to bed. But cats differ and you should decide on training techniques taking into account the peculiarity of your pet.

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