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How can I tell when my dog is getting ready to give birth?

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Giving birth is an important event which may be confusing for a dog’s owner and painful for a dog. If you have no required experience with animals giving birth, you should get a professional consultation to be ready for key moments. You should provide proper pregnancy care, understand the stages of delivery, know what is normal and what is wrong requiring medical interference. If you ask a question: “How can I tell when my dog is getting ready to give birth?”, you are recommended to read the article.

The first signs of a dog going into labor

Remember that a dog may mean she is pregnant showing signs of pregnancy while pretending or just wanting to be pregnant. This behavior is known as pseudocyesis (false pregnancy). So, if you want to know for sure whether your pet is going to bring babies, you should confirm pregnancy and examine a pet with ultrasound and/or X-rays in a vet.

When a dog experiences the 25th day of the pregnancy, the ultrasound examination may show the hearts of the embryos though it is not possible to find out the exact number of puppies in the belly. Since that time you should arrange a special diet, restrict exercises. You’d better offer a pregnant dog puppy food with more calories. It is necessary to add particular nutrients, vitamins, minerals, to support the well-being of the dog and puppies inside her belly. Now you can hardly see any changes in the appearance of the mother. The metabolic requirements will appear after the 35th day of pregnancy. The dog will demand food rich in calories. The amount of food should be increased twofold starting from the 36-th day. And be ready to increase it even more when a dog will become a nursing mom producing milk.

On about the 45th day of the pregnancy of your pet you should take it to a vet for a check-up. You can make an x-ray to see the skeletons of the pups so you will know the number of kids. The procedure is simple, fast and non-invasive. Why is it so important to know? The point is that a single kid or a couple of puppies can be a reason for a complicated act of delivery because if a litter is small, the puppies can be of a great size. The veterinarian will inform you about the measures to be taken.

The pregnancy in dogs continues for 63 days on average. Approximately a week before the event you will see the changes in a pet’s behavior. The mother begins nesting, choosing and arranging the place where she is going to give birth. Noticing that, you should help to make it convenient for your dog. It can be a special nesting box which should be located in a quiet room. Make it soft, comfortable with blankets and towels.

She will lie there almost all the time without any disturbance. A couple of days before the labor, the mother may refuse eating, but not completely. During the day before the event you will see a drop in a dog’s body temperature from the normal performance of about 38.8 C to extremely low – 37.8 C. These are the actual signs your dog is about to give birth. You will see the puppies in the next 24 hours.

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