January 22, 2022

How to clean dog teeth without brushing?

dog with human teeth

It is vital to keep dog’s teeth clean. This daily procedure will help a pup to have healthy gums, teeth, and fresh breath. Of course, there are several factors influencing these conditions. We can say that the diet is able to strengthen dental enamel. The genetics provides a dog with nice teeth or vice versa. Some breeds can be more sensitive to oral-dental diseases, etc. But the only thing is for sure – daily teeth cleaning helps with all mentioned problems.

dog with a toothbrush

How should you clean your dog’s teeth? There is a toothpaste (which can contain unhealthy ingredients by the way) and a brusher. There are various alternatives to brushing dog’s teeth too which may be more natural and convenient. That’s for you to decide. Any chosen way is better than doing nothing at all. You can do it yourself at home. In some cases, you may consider professional teeth cleaning.


Brushing the dog’s teeth is not easy to get it done, especially if a pet is not used to this procedure. But you cannot refuse it. Doing it several times a month, you protect the dog’s teeth from a painful gum disease which can lead to tooth extraction. There are breeds which are much more at risk to get problems with teeth. But whatever dog you own, you just have no right to forget about dental hygiene.

Most dogs accept brushing as their daily routine and enjoy it. In this case the professionals recommend to do it three times a week. But you definitely know that different pets feel in different ways when you brush their teeth. Some of them just do not allow you to do it but that does not mean you should refuse the procedure. There are a lot of alternative ways how to keep dog teeth clean without brushing.

Usually the veterinarians recommend choosing one of the ways or combining several of them. We are going to consider all options available. If you prefer to clean dogs teeth without brushing, the following information will be helpful for you. But first, you should understand that an individual approach is important. That is why, you should consider all the available procedures and choose the most comfortable and efficient variant.

So, if you are interested in how to keep your dogs teeth clean without brushing, read our tips:

Take a clean cotton cloth. It can be a dish cloth or even stockings. Ensure that your dog is able to keep its mouth open. Add some toothpaste to the cloth and start rubbing the teeth with this cloth. We’d not insist that this is the best solution, but it is milder than brushing and still slows down the buildup of plaque while the toothpaste freshens a dog’s breath.

Try another way to do without brushing using a canine dental wipe. Their functioning principle is similar to the above but here you use the special wipes. It is much easier compared to brushing. As usual, a dog should tolerate the procedure and allow you to reach its teeth staying calm.

dog showing teeth

Buy chew toys intended to entertain a dog. They are able to remove stress and let a dog have fun chewing them. Also, they strengthen and clean the dog’s teeth by scrubbing away plaque, soft tartar. Due to gentle massage of the gums, the dog feels much better. The only drawback is that there is no freshening effect but as an addition to other tools or a short-term solution it is perfect. The toys may be made of rubber or nylon in the form of a bone or rawhide.

Add dry food to a dog’s menu because the wet food cannot remove the accumulated dental plaque. The solid particles will act just in the same way the chew toys do removing plaque and tartar buildup. You can use raw meaty bones which are tasty and perfect after your dog’s teeth. When a dog grinds a bone, it achieves a gentle mechanical scraping. If you are lucky enough you can only do with this best way to clean dog’s teeth without brushing and forget about its gum diseases and tartar. But usually additional methods are needed. If you prefer the ready dog food, pay your attention to numerous brands with the products developed just for this purpose – to clean teeth when a dog eats. Or we’d rather say “to help to clean”, because this is a supplement to the basic cleaning. Though some food additives can be very efficient for the dental hygiene if they are used regularly. They consist of natural ingredients being able to eliminate a biofilm on the teeth. You just add the products of this kind to water every day the solution you get will change the pH of your dog’s saliva and create better conditions for efficient control over tartar accumulation. And as a result it fights bad breath.

As far as the above couple of methods do not provide fresh breath, you can apply dental sprays and gels – a nice alternative to brushing. You just spray the liquid into your dog’s mouth directing it on the gum line with teeth. The formula allows reducing a buildup of tartar and decreasing growth of bacteria. The method does not require any scrubber that is why you cannot regard it as a proper alternative to brushing.

But the most efficient and healthy choice of all dog teeth brushing alternatives is a professional cleaning. You can apply it every three months, for instance, doing all the above exercises during the period between your visits to the professional. This service is deep and in most cases the result lasts for a long time. All the above methods are nice but they cannot be regarded as long-term solutions. Use them as a dental health supplement which is able to fight plaque.

Still if you afford brushing (or in the situations when you choose bones as a natural way to brush dog’s teeth), we recommend using coconut oil, rubbing it into the gums and teeth of a dog to soften plaque before the procedure. This natural oil is full of virtues being effective in fighting dental diseases. It makes it easy to scrape the plague with a simple tool without need in a frequent professional cleaning. At the same time, it is good for the health of your pet and quite tasty. The pup will agree with it gladly. The oil will improve the quality of its coat, strengthen its immune system, digestive system, and joints.

So the scheme of your dog dental care may be as follows:

·           providing your dog with raw bones two times per week – an efficient natural way to clean dogs teeth;

·           offering the dental chews also two times per week but on different days;

·           entertaining a pet with dental toys to play with on a daily basis;

·           applying teeth cleaning supplements from time to time but not less than once a month;

·           visiting the professionals in a vet at least one time in three months.

If you follow the above recommendations, you will succeed in keeping your dog’s teeth clean by applying those without brushing. Of course, if there are dental problems and periodontal disease, they do not treat them. These conditions require medical interference.

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January 22, 2022

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