January 22, 2022

How to clean cat ears?

looking into the cat's ear

The cats have ears which should be cleaned to avoid various conditions and infections. This is a part of normal grooming. You can do it by visiting a vet or any professional groomer. Also, you can do it by yourself at home if you are sure that your pet can stay still for a while. That will save you money and protect your cat from stress if it does not like visits to a vet. In the article we are going to tell you how to clean a cat’s ears safely so that a cat continues being happy.

The reasons and frequency

First, you definitely know that cats are not as demanding as dogs are. There are perfect self-groomers and if they are healthy, get proper food and live in a clean environment, they might not require a lot of professional intervention. Moreover, sometimes your actions to keep your pet clean can be harmful. But there are moments which require some job because cats are not able to cope with the task on their own properly and cleaning of ears is one of these procedures.

cat at the doctor

How often should you clean your ears? Once a week or every day after you get a shower? Anyway you do it to get rid of ear wax and prevent bacteria from doing harm, irritate the skin and cause any problems with your ears. The same reason is for cleaning cat ears, but you can do it not so often. This grooming routine is to be repeated every month or twice a month. You can do a visual check of your pet’s ear and decide whether there is a need in cleaning.  If a cat scratches his ears, does not allow touching them and has a bad smell, you should pay attention to its ears, examine them and if your efforts bring no result, go to a vet because the described symptoms can be a reason for some health problem.

What are common ear issues to be considered?

  Injury is not very common if a cat lives at home. But still any wound or cut can bring inflammation and serious problems. Your key task is to prevent infection and debride a wound. Also, you’d better try to prevent the cat from scratching an ear, but of course this is not as easy as it sounds. You may ask Should I clean my cat’s ears when there is a cut inside? You should not clean this ear until the injury is healed. 

cleaning the cat's ears

 Ear Mites are animal pests which can appear in your cat’s ear and irritate the skin. They prefer the dark and warm ear canals where they can eat dead skin cells and cause severe itching making a cat scratch its ear until it injures it. If you try to find those pests, you will not succeed as far as they are microscopic, but you’ll see products of microorganism vital activity in the form of almost black substances like dirt on the inner sides of the ear which are easy to notice. It is not difficult to get rid of ear mites, if you treat them in accordance with the recommendations of your vet. But you’d better find them as soon as possible to remove discomfort your cat suffers and prevent injuries. Moreover, the advanced stage of infestations is harder to treat.

cat ear

   Yeast is another reason for itchy ears but in this case they will have a strong funky smell. It can appear as a result of allergy or any unhealthy food eaten. Just as mites the yeast chooses warm and dark areas of high humidity. This deviation requires examination or at least a visit to a vet but cleaning will definitely help a cat to feel better. The first thing to do in this situation is to decide what is the exact reason for yeast. The professional may recommend to change the ratio, enhance the living conditions and solve other problems to treat yeast.

cat ear

How to clean your cat’s ears at home?

We are going to tell you how to clean cats or kittens ears with a minimum of effort:

1.        You should prepare all needed tools to perform the procedure. First of all, you should but ear cleaner for cats prescribed in your vet. Take a cleat soft towel, cotton balls, some warm clean water, and probably kitty treats to distract attention of a “patient”. Do ensure that a cleaner is warm enough and will feel good when you apply it in a cat’s ear.

2.        Now it is time to take your cat and make it calm. Usually they feel comfortable lying in your lap. Find the comfortable position on its side and hold it firmly but gentle to get access to his ear. If a cat refuses to stay calm and there is no help, you can wrap it in a blanket or towel with its head poking out.

cleaning the cat's ear

3.        In this position you should inspect the ears pulling a flap up and slightly back to see the inner cavity. If you find redness, cuts, black traces, you may suppose that there is an ear infection. In this case you should not continue. There is a reason to visit to a vet.4.        If there are no signs of serious problems, you should drip the allowed amount of cleaner in an ear and massage it slightly with your fingers to loosen up the wax. There must not be any pain in the cat’s ear that is why it can like the procedure. But this is not the end.

cleaning the cat's ear

5.        After the massage, you should dry its ears with a dry cotton ball removing the remains of wax. You should not go deep in ear canals, work with entrance only.

wiping the cat's ear

If you notice that after you clean cat ears, your pet often shakes its head during a day and its behavior is abnormal, you’d better contact your vet to prevent the problems from getting worse. But usually cleaning a cat’s ears is not a complicated routine.

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January 22, 2022

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