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How to help a cat in heat?

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When your female cat is in heat, you are supposed to arrange the environment where she cannot contact with cats of the opposite gender and to help a pet to come through this state without much stress. The problem is not only in heat itself but in hormones which requires a male cat to procreate. She has a desire to respond to that inner request but unplanned pregnancies are not good for cat parents who are not going to get some extra pets in the house as well as are not involved in cat breeding.

But nature takes its course and cats start their heat cycles when they are about half a year old. And since that age you will cope with the situation several times a year. How long does a cat stay in heat? Each heat cycle continues for about a week. If you are a happy owner of a couple of cats both female and male ones, the task becomes even more complicated. You should keep your pets separated to allow a female cat to feel comfortable without the scent of male pheromones. Anyway you should be ready for yowling and howling. The noise does not mean that she is hurt or in pain. They attract male cats in such a manner. So, isolation will be the right tactic to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

How do you know that your cat is in heat?

The only way to avoid this process is to neuter or spay a cat. If you do not want to interfere, be ready to live with the above periods all the time. The female cat will not get calmer while growing up. Every year she will be ready to reproduce with a male. If a cat has kittens, the situation will be difficult too. There may be various problematic behaviors. Both male and female cats will vocalize loudly while being in heat. They start to mark territory. The female cat will pee on every object in the house. They get nervous, scratching the surfaces in any way they are able to do it. They just cannot be kept under control. There is no blood but a female cat becomes very affectionate, rolling on the floor, rubbing herself against everything she sees, meowing all the time even at night. She will do her best to get your attention. When you touch her, she arches her back and raises her tail. She is always stressed during these days, that is why she may refuse to eat.

How to help a cat in heat?

There is a question: How to calm a cat in heat? We know the answers:

1.      First, you should pay a lot of attention to her, making her occupied all the time and in this way divert her mind from the desire to meet a male cat. You can brush her several times a day, play with her, and so on.

2.      She will feel better in a clean, warm, and quiet room. You may equip her place with additional soft blankets or offer a big bag which cats like to get inside. Do not forget to clean her litter tray more often and of course the traces of urine should be washed with Enzymatic cleaners, because the scent will make her repeat.

3.      It is a good idea to apply various sprays developed for such purposes. There are even collars calming cats these days. This stuff will not remove all “symptoms” but it will reduce stress.

The above simple measures will help to comfort a cat in heat and to make your life easier. The most efficient way to avoid all the above happiness is to sterilize a cat to make her free of these frequent behavior disorders. Of course, this solution is possible if you are not going to have kittens ever. You will avoid the inconveniences and reduce risk of mammary cancer in your cat. You’d better have a surgery before her first heat cycle or after it before the second one. The first time is sometimes needed to understand what it is –  to care for a cat in heat. The sterilized cat requires specific foods and diet but she will feel perfect during a year without those terrible days. This is definitely the best option for a house female cat if you do not want kittens.

So, let’s sum up the results. When felines are in heat, you will suffer more than your pet. You both will experience stress, excitement, and discomfort. You should distract your cat, play with it more often. But the most important thing is to avoid any contact with the outdoor environment, keep the windows and doors closed. If you live in a private house, you’d better shut down the curtains on the windows so as not to let her see the cats outside. If your cat is pregnant, you can relax: cats cannot go into heat while pregnant. But here you should ask: When do cats go into heat after having kittens? Be aware! A female cat is ready to have a heat cycle in 4 weeks after weaning her kittens.

Though, if you have a male cat – the things are even worse. He becomes aggressive and marks territory with secretion of a strong smell. How to calm a male cat in heat? You can give the drugs to balance his hormonal state. But they are not very efficient. The way out is the same – to go to a vet. If you refuse, be ready to isolate your pet from other cats.

The suggested recommendations work on most cats. Though, there is no guarantee. If all calming techniques do not help, we see no other alternative to soothe a cat but sterilization.

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