January 22, 2022

Why does my cat pee on my clothes?

cat pee on bed

If you ask “Why does my cat pee on my clothes?”, read this article. First of all, this embarrassing situation may happen suddenly. Your cat being well-behaved go to its litter, and out of a clear blue sky it pees on your clothes waiting for laundry. This is a general description of this evil event. There can be individual details. The pet may only pees on the stuff owned by a male or some particular person. Anyway, this is a problem because cat urine has a very strong smell, which is almost impossible to remove completely using usual washing agents. In addition, the clothes can be stained. As a result, the only way to cope with these unwearable items is to dispose of them. The prevention measures depend on the reasons for a cat peeing on clothes. Let’s try to find the motivation which can be both of a medical or behavioral origin.

the cat is scolded

Why do cats pee on clothes?

When your anger and despair is over, you should calm down and think of the factors impacting your cat. Please, do not be aggressive with your pet because it is forced to do it by its nature. The experts discourage any punishment in these cases. The cat always has reasons to behave in the way it does. And its owner should find the methods to remedy the situation.

The first issue is a litter box. Probably, there is no access to it, or it is dirty, or you have failed to train your cat to use it. If you are sure that everything is ok with a litter box and your pet usually uses it without any problems, then you should think of a cat’s health state. Bring it to a vet for a check-up. But before you should pay attention to its behavior to find additional symptoms. The point is that there are certain urinary tract infections causing bladder inflammation which can lead to involuntary urination. Such diseases as hyperthyroidism and diabetes also can be a reason a cat is urinating on clothing. Do not forget about stress induced by anxiety or fear which also causes the sudden loss of bladder control.

the kitten is ashamed

Cats may mark the territory with urine – this is a natural process. But usually it happens when there is a need to determine the border of their own area sharing the territory with other cats or animals. Thus, when there is someone in the environment interpreted by a cat as a competitor or opponent, a cat gets jealous and tries to draw attention from its owner. Sexually mature cat (at age of 5-6 months and older) will spray everything around to attract a partner.

Whatever the cause of feline urination, you should settle the problem with specific training or medical interference.


The reasons in detail

Why does a cat mark territory (by the way, this is the most frequent explanation)? It feels insecure and tries to create a safe environment. Also, it wants to dominate over you, if you have restricted it, punished or insulted it recently, it has a grievance against you and looks for methods to show who wears the pants. If marking happens when a cat is in heat, then you should interpret its behavior as an attempt to attract a mate. There is another motivation for cats to mark territory – they choose a comfortable place and want to have dibs on this location.

cat sitting on towels

You can ask Why is my cat peeing on my clothes right now, while yesterday everything was ok? The point is that cats may start feeling insecure because of new people or even pets in the house. If so, a cat will leave its marks everywhere and your clothes are just the beginning. The next place is definitely your shoes. Please, do not get angry with your pet. On the contrary, show your affection, reassuring a cat that nobody is able to replace it.

When we speak about dominance, we should say that spaying or neutering make a cat calmer. If you refuse to perform this surgery, be ready for the above surprises and do not get surprised: “My cat peed on my clothes again!” Female cats being in heat will urinate all the time and the smell will be much stronger compared with usual urine. If the reason is stress, you should determine the factors and manage them.

cat sitting

Cats may refuse using a dirty or uncomfortable litter box. The box may be too new or too old keeping the unpleasant smell. It can be too small or too large with high sides and that makes it uncomfortable to use. It can be located in too noisy or too restricted areas. Sometimes it is not so easy to understand the thoughts of a cat and its motivation. While the clothes of its owner smells well and that is a nice place to pee. Can you imagine?! This behavior may be an intent to get closer to you, to strengthen your bonds as far as the smell is a communication tool for cats. It is pretty of a pet, but you should train it out of this behavior without punishment and anger.

If the reason is a medical condition, then you have to go to a vet and check the urinary tract and kidneys. Perhaps, this is one of the symptoms which you do not notice regarding your pet’s behavior as naughtiness or domination. If you wonder: Why did my cat pee on my clothes and not on the floor if it suffers some medical condition? The answer is connected with the particular nature of cats – they prefer choosing a comfortable spot to pee on in particular if they feel pain. The cat may be incontinent and tries to hide the accident thinking that it is better to pee on the clothes than on the floor. There are a lot of reasons for incontinence including urinary tract infections, nerve damage, trauma to the bladder, cognitive dysfunction, kidney failure, and side effects of medical treatment.

And we want to end this paragraph with a cats’ need for attention not because of desire to dominate or competence with new people or pets in the house but because they love their owners. They can be jealous and they can miss you ever so much if you are always unavailable. The cat will inform you of the lack of your attention. It knows for sure that you will get mad if they spoil the clothes (they are much smarter than we think of them) and decide to play a winning game. And cats will be ready to get some if they succeed and get your attention even if it is negative. So, do not ask “Why does my cat keep peeing on my clothes?”, if you do not spend time at home with your cat. Provide your pet with tasty food, petting, and playtime and it will behave better with high probability.

Remember that if your cat suffers a medical condition, it cannot help having this unpleasant accident. If it is stressed, it’ll become even more anxious if you punish it for peeing on your clothes and so on. Try to remove the reason and the problem will be solved.

How to stop cats from peeing on clothes?

Let’s find out how to stop cat from peeing on clothes. Start with figuring out the reason.

·         Watch your cat, provide your cat with all it may need: food, a supply of fresh water, toys, a clean and comfortable litter box.

·         Try to play with a cat and pet it regularly. Let it be about half an hour per day, but this time should be spent on a cat only.

·         Make sure your house cat is not able to communicate with outdoor cats. Even if it sees them through the window only, it can start behaving in an improper way as a result of the instinct to mark territory.

·         Keep clothes, shoes, bags, and other stuff attracting a cat (soft things with your smell) out of your cat’s reach.

·         And of course you should train your cat peeing on laundry to use a litter box. If you have several pets, you’d better arrange individual boxes for them.

How to get cat pee out of clothing?

Remember that if a cat marks the area, it will return there to repeat. The familiar smell will attract it even if you wash the markings. This means that if you leave the clothes at the same place, there is a chance to get the same result. Even if the laundry is washed. the traces of the scent will remain. What should be done to remove the odor?

You should rinse the peed clothes with cold water immediately after you notice the problem. You may say: “My cat peed on my clothes right in front of me!” Be glad that you view it! That makes a cleaning process more efficient. When washing, don’t apply force because scrubbing will only make stains resistant to active agents. Prepare a vinegar mix taking a part of white vinegar and three parts of clean water. Pour this mix on the dirty clothes and let it act for several minutes. Now add baking soda to the spoiled area – it will remove the scent. That’s it! Now do your best to wash the clothing in cold water and air dry it. Do not use any detergent.

The procedure is simple and does not require using expensive agents. But of course, you should not agree with such a cat’s behavior! Take measures, try all the recommendations we give in this article, take away all clothes in the storage systems where your cat has no access. Still it may continue. Probably, the best solution is spaying and neutering which will definitely calm down this activity and prevent some serious health diseases connected with restriction of sexual life. And of course, do not neglect the repeated cases – go to a vet to exclude medical conditions, such as bladder and kidney problems, and others.

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January 22, 2022

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