January 22, 2022

Why does my cat snore?

cat sleeping in bed

Do cats snore? Yes, they do. And we do not speak about quiet purring during a sleep, but this is about a loud and distinct snoring which can be compared with snoring of a human. The professionals say that snoring in cats can be normal if there are no medical conditions. We are going to develop the theme in the article.

cat sleeping with tongue hanging out

Cat snoring is normal

The cats have three sleeping stages and the veterinarians say that snoring is possible at the stage of the deepest sleep. If snoring is supported with twitching, you can be sure that your cat is in R.E.M., feeling relaxed and safe. The professionals suppose that a fully relaxed body causes narrowing of airways and that leads to vibration of soft tissues in the passages connecting a cat’s throat and nose. Thus we hear those particular noises. The reason for snoring can also be a partial obstruction of the airways. But still some cats are snoring and the others are not though all of them have the sleeping cycle with the deepest stage. So, is it normal for cats to snore?

·         Some breeds or just individuals may have a particular nose shape. The air moves caused by breathing in and out depend on the shape of a cat’s nose. There are pets with a flatten nose known as a brachycephalic breed (the Persian). All of them will snore with a high degree of probability.

·         The position, which a cat can choose to sleep in, does also matter. If it is not comfortable, a pet may start snoring. It is clear that when it changes its position, the sound will disappear.

·         If your cat has excess weight, it may suffer from panting or just have a bad quality of sleep. The fat puts pressure on the cat’s nasal passages, making it snore.

·         If snoring is new, the reason may be a foreign object in the nose, like a blade of grass. It will irritate the mucosa and a cat will cough and try to draw it off. If it fails, do not help it by yourself avoiding any harm and take your cat to the vet.

In the cases mentioned above the cat snoring is quite normal. Any cat makes noises when sleeping.

cat lies and looks

The cases when cat snoring is not normal

But sometimes a snoring cat may indicate the health problems. If you hear this typical noise, you should pay attention to your cat’s behavior when it is awake. Try to find other symptoms, unusual reactions, moves, habits. Inspect the eyes and nose of your pet. If you see any discharge from them, it can be a respiratory infection that causes inflammation and difficulties with breathing. Then ensure that your cat has a good appetite eating healthy food and drinking the normal amount of fresh water. The pet should be playful and spend about 18 hours a day sleeping. If he shows apathy or aggression, you should find the reasons. If there is no clear explanation, you are recommended to go to a vet. Snoring together with the mentioned disorders may be a symptom of severe medical conditions. The cat may start suffering from panting, coughing with effort. There are so many diagnoses leading to these consequences that you should not postpone examination. It can be a tumor inside your cat’s nasal passages which causes snoring. Of course, in this case the noise will be continuous.

the cat lies

If your cat snoring disturbs you, you can try to help it to sleep quietly. Moreover, snoring may prevent a cat from the required rest during a sleep, meaning that it will not be able to restore its body and accumulate the energy for its activities. The first step to remove snoring is to find the cause. In most cases this is overweight. Thus you should reconsider the diet and restrict the amount of food. You can consult with a vet to develop an efficient weight loss plan for your pet. If snoring is rare, pay attention to sleeping position and you will understand what exactly prevents a normal breathing. Just move a cat into a different position without waking it up and check your assumption. If your cat snores from time to time and things do not get worse, then you should not worry about it. You can humidify the air in the room, where the cat is sleeping or even next to its bedding. That will enhance breathing.

the cat is sleeping

While cat snoring is not as common as snoring of dogs or humans, mostly it is a normal habit. But if a cat is distressed, anxious, cannot breathe in or breathes rapidly, you should not neglect the signs. Go to a vet immediately. It is much better to be too cautious but prevent any problems with a cat.

We hope that we have answered the questions: “Why do cats snore?” and “Is it normal for a cat to snore?”

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January 22, 2022

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[…] Several causes of flat-faced cats’ snoring include a narrowed soft palate and a hypoplastic trachea. In severe cases, these cats may suffer from stenotic nares, which are smaller than normal. Further, the elongated soft palates and stenotic nares may prevent adequate airflow. These are only some of the causes of flat-faced cats’ snoring.More information on the topic here: […]


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