April 10, 2022

How to teach a dog to shake

How to teach a dog to shake

The contact between the owner and the dog is very important in training a pet. It is known that communication between man and animal should be based on trust, understanding and a good attitude towards each other. Most often people train dogs. But other little brothers are also trained. In this article we will talk about how to teach a dog shake. 

The basics of the training process

Education of a four-legged friend begins from the moment he appears in the house of a person. It is important not just to teach the pet to follow the rules, but also to show respect to the dog. In any case, you must become an authority for the animal, but do not forget about equal treatment. That is, any pet understands how it is treated by its owner. Also, the dog senses where the person may be overly oppressive or loyal. Of course, the pet is bound to react to difficult moments with its behavior. In dog training, it is important to find the “middle ground” and to be attentive to the pet’s well-being. This applies not only to physical well-being, but also to mood and feeling of comfort.

You can teach a dog of any breed to shake. If you plan your training properly, you will soon be able to perform the trick in front of acquaintances as well. It’s not that hard for a pet to learn the command. It requires patience from the owner and the pet and the ability to interact. Understanding the differences between play and training also affects the result.

Training a puppy from scratch

Training should begin after a walk. When the puppy is ready for the activity, stand in front of him and give the pet the “sit” command. Then follow this algorithm:

  • After commanding the puppy to shake, you should take one paw, raise it, and praise the puppy. You can encourage the behavior with a treat and, of course, with good words;
  • The command is practiced several times a day, then the second paw is added. We will need to raise one paw, say the command, praise, and then change it to the other, accompanying the command with words.
Golden Retriever shaking off water

There is another interesting method of teaching the command to give a paw, which dog breeders recommend to use to develop the logical thinking of the pet. But sometimes this method can be incomprehensible to the dog. According to the principle of training, you need to hide food in the hand, and give it to your pet only when he asks for a treat with his paw. You can decide for yourself how you will train your pet. It is important not to confuse him and to help him figure out how to do the exercise during training.

When we started to teach shake to a dog it is important to observe his obedience in parallel. Pay attention to problem areas that could be corrected. It is important to plan the process of training and education gradually, diluting it with interesting skills. The dog should not be difficult or bored.

How to teach a mature dog to shake

If the dog already knows what training is and understands the result of obedience. It expects encouragement upon completion, which means you can teach the dog to give a paw according to a basic algorithm.

If you are training a dog for the first time, and previously it was not held classes, in this case, it may be more difficult. After all, the pet has already acquired some skills, as well as behavioral mechanisms. In addition, it is important to consider whether or not the dog has been domesticated and raised by whom. It may have been taken from a shelter or given by neighbors. The pet will only be able to be taught a command if the animal knows how to listen to its owner. Some domesticated adult pets are restless and may become overly active at the sight of the owner. Training with such a pet is possible. But the education takes place gradually. If you have a dog that needs the attention of a person – give it as much as possible. Do not forget about the components that affect the overall level of education of the dog. As a result, you can even learn how to teach a dog to shake his body.

The behavior of an adult animal, to which educational methods were not previously applied, can be corrected in this way:

  • Organize the regime of the day, namely the time of eating, walking, playing and resting. The pet will get used to this schedule and will be more obedient;
  • Use rewards and treats;
  • Do not forget to communicate with the pet.
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April 10, 2022

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